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Carrington 'Ceb' Barrs

I have been a professional musician, performer, and music teacher since high school.  On the performance side, I have toured on and off in bands and solo from large, outdoor music festivals to jazz ensemble performances to solo panhandling across Europe for months on end.  I teach private lessons on bass guitar and acoustic 6-string guitar, as well as classroom setting music appreciation and the art & intricacies of performing on stage.

I am also a founder and educator at Wildwood Academy.


Anna Tucker


Hello! My name is Anna Tucker. I teach private and group music lessons with The Gorge Scholar. I am currently a senior attending Columbia High School in White Salmon. I worked with Wildwood Summer Camp this year and I absolutely loved the kids and the program! I’ve been giving private lessons for a year now on six different instruments. I teach beginner to expert level saxophone, beginner level piano, beginner to intermediate level ukulele, and beginner to intermediate level guitar. I think having fun in the practice room is the most important thing! I like to teach what the student wants to learn, what they are interested in, how exactly to practice and make real progress in mastering an instrument.

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